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Museum Revealed Podcast

Welcome to the Museum Revealed podcast. Join us each week as we reveal some of the hidden gems and stories from the Queensland Museum Network Collection.

Listen as our expert curators wax lyrical with some amazing tales from the field, hidden surprises from the collection and much more covering topics including biodiversity, cultures and histories, geosciences, science and technology. This is your invitation to have an exclusive insight into the behind the scenes stories from our collection and museum life.

For over 158 years, we've been documenting, discovering, preserving and sharing Queensland’s natural and cultural heritage. Did you know more than 1.2 million objects and specimens make up the State Collection that tells the changing story of Queensland? We’re here to inspire curiosity to connect the past, make sense of the present and help navigate the future. 

Join scientist, presenter, communicator and writer Dr Rob Bell as he delves into the untold stories of the museum. With a background in science communication and known from his time as the host of popular children’s science television show Scope, Dr Rob has a passion for science and telling everyone just how great it is.

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