Mangrove Peanut Worm

Phascolosoma arcuatum

These large, stout bodied worms live in the intertidal region, commonly found buried in muddy creek banks in the mangrove zone., and belong to a small phylum of worms known as Sipuncula. They can grow to about 65 mm long, and are easily recognised by their tough leathery skin, and because they do not have lots of segments like the annelid worms, such as bristleworms. They feed by poking out their long throats, which have a crown of tentacles used to grasp their food.

This species is found from India, through Indonesia to China, the Philippines and northern Australia.

Mangrove Peanut Worm (Phascolosoma arcuatum)
Mangrove Peanut Worm (Phascolosoma arcuatum), Wild Guide to Moreton Bay

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