Flemfish or Sea Cucumbers

Stichopus horrens

Sea Cucumbers live in sandy, muddy and seagrass habitats (on flats under rubble). They are often drab grey or green-black, but sometimes multi-coloured, and their surface is smooth but covered in wart-like bumps. They range from 100-300 mm in length, able to contract or expand their bodies using water to inflate of deflate themselves. Their only “skeleton” consists of spicules of calcium carbonate in the outer layer of the body wall, so they appear totally soft and flexible in the water, but out of the water (or if they become very stressed from handling), they can literally ‘melt-down’ to a sticky mess.

Extends from tropical East Africa to Hawaii, and from central Western Australia to Southern Queensland.

Flemfish or Sea Cucumber (Stichopus horrens)
Flemfish or Sea Cucumbers (Stichopus horrens), WildGuide to Moreton Bay

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