Swamp Rat

Swamp Rat

Rattus lutreolus


Body length 160 mm; tail length 110 mm; weight 120 g. Stocky blackish-brown body; black feet; significantly short tail.

Habitat and Range:

Uncommon; requires specialised habitat, such as swamps, thick vegetation along watercourses and dense island vegetation above the high water mark. D’Aguilar Range and southern foothills, Logan City, Nth Stradbroke I. Patchy distribution in coastal areas of north-east Qld; and central Qld to Vic.; also SA and Tas. 


Active day and night. Feeds on reeds, swamp-grass stems and seeds. Cuts complex runways through thick vegetation. Similar to the black phase of the Ship Rat.


Cats, land clearing and swamp reclamation.


Cuts runways through reeds and sedges. Droppings large and coarsely granular (17 mm long by 5 mm wide).

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