Swamp Wallaby

Swamp Wallaby (Wallabia bicolor)

Wallabia bicolor

Other names:

Stinker; Golden Wallaby (for the Stradbroke Is colour phase)


Body length 75 cm; tail length 75 cm; weight 15 kg. Dark, thick-set wallaby. Back charcoal; belly orange; black ‘robber's’ mask; yellow face stripe; ears ginger at bases; black fore and hind feet; white tail tip.

Habitat and Range:

Various habitats, including swamps, ferny gullies, open forests, woodlands, lantana thickets, heathlands and shrubby watercourses. Common. Eastern mainland Australia and south-eastern SA.


Isolation on Stradbroke Is has favoured the establishment of a golden colour phase which is particularly frequent on South Stradbroke and now sporadically recorded from the northern Gold Coast to the Nerang National Park. No other local wallaby is as dark on the back or as ginger on the belly, or has a white-tipped tail; no similar species.




Droppings round and coarse (25 mm diameter); green grass is compressed into a long cigar shape (6 cm long by 18 mm wide).

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