Squirrel Glider

Squirrel Glider (Petaurus norfolcensis)

Petaurus norfolcensis


Body length 210 mm; tail length 270 mm; weight 230 g. Body is same size as a large rat; soft grey fur; black stripe along the middle of head and body. Tail thick, especially where it joins body; never white-tipped.

Habitat and Range:

Dry forests, woodlands, parks and gardens. One of Brisbane's more common nocturnal marsupials with recent records from New Farm, Fig Tree Pocket, Cannon Hill, Deagon, Aspley, Albany Creek and Ashgrove. Also occurs on Moreton and North and South Stradbroke Islands. Rare to endangered through the rest of its patchy eastern Australia range.


Nocturnal. Similar to Sugar Glider but bigger and without the white tail-tip. Feeding and nesting same as for Sugar Glider.


Cats (which usually leave tail uneaten) and clearing of wattles.


Droppings are knobbly pointed cylinders, often with gum bands (15 mm long by 5 mm wide). Call a persistent, throaty “nar-where”.

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