Spotted-tailed Quoll

Spotted-tailed Quoll (Dasyurus maculatus)

Dasyurus maculatus


Body length 500 mm; tail length 450 mm; weight 5 kg. Cat-sized; ginger-tan fur with white spots on body and tail. Cat-like teeth; inner 'big' toe on hind foot lacks nail. Female has a poorly developed pouch.

Habitat and Range:

Wet eucalypt forest and rainforest. Almost certainly extinct in the Brisbane metropolitan area. Old specimen records from Zillmere (1923), Oxley (1927) and Upper Brookfield (1957). More recent unconfirmed reports from Brisbane Forest Park, Enoggera Ck catchment (2004), Mt Nebo area Maleny-Conondale area (2003), Widgee (2004) and Cedar Pocket Rd, Kin Kin (2004). Recent confirmed records from Camira (2004) and Munruben (2005). North Qld tablelands, and eastern Australia from South-East Qld to Tas.


Mostly nocturnal. Call like the short starting burst of a circular saw.


Dogs, foxes, land clearing, cane toads, cars, toxoplasmosis and humans.


Domestic birds — turkeys to pigeons — decapitated or throttled. Droppings are large and cigar-shaped (70 mm long by 20 mm wide).

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