Short-eared Mountain Possum

Short-eared Mountain Possum (Trichosurus caninus)

Trichosurus caninus

Other Names:



Body length 500 mm; tail length 400 mm; weight 4 kg. Cat-sized; usually dark slate-grey, but may be pure black; short round ears; tail not bushy near tip; black paws.

Habitat and Range:

Mostly rainforest or thick vegetation bordering watercourses. Some isolated populations in southern and western Brisbane suburbs (Long Pocket, Oxley, Moggill Road, Archerfield, North Tamborine and Samford). Coastal eastern Australia from Miriam Vale, Qld, to central NSW.


Nocturnal. Similar to Common Brushtail Possum.


Land clearing.


Droppings are like large jellybeans, coarse and smooth-ended (25 mm long by 10 mm wide).

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