Red-legged Pademelon

Red-legged Pademelon (Thylogale stigmatica)

Thylogale stigmatica


Body length 48 cm; tail length 42 cm; weight 5 kg. Very small, brownish wallaby with brightly coloured rust-red legs and face. No red on neck.

Habitat and Range:

Common in restricted habitat of rainforest and vine thickets throughout D'Aguilar Range (old records from Mount Tamborine and Burleigh Heads). Patchy distribution along the Qld coast to mid NSW.


Similar to Red-necked Pademelon but less frequently seen because of its tendency to use the thickest parts of a forest rather than the edges.


Dogs, cats.


Droppings round to oval with one end slightly pointed (20 mm long by 12 mm wide).

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