Common Dunnart

Common Dunnart (Sminthopsis murina)

Sminthopsis murina


Body length 90 mm; tail length 80 mm; weight 22 g. Size of a large mouse. Sharply pointed snout; large, bulging black eyes; delicate white hind feet; grey-brown head and body; belly pure white; cat-like teeth; inner 'big' toe on hind foot has no nail. Female has a 'kangaroo-type' pouch.

Habitat and Range:

Dry forests and woodlands, often with blady or kangaroo grass. Occurs on outer edges of city limits with recent records from Rochedale, Shailer Park, Loganlea, Enoggera Reserve, Upper Brokfield, Goodna, Camira, Springfield and Greenbank. Uncommon, despite its name. North-east Qld to Vic.


Nocturnal. Smaller and more delicate than antechinuses, which have much broader hind feet, smaller eyes and poorly developed pouches.




Droppings are smaller than those of an antechinus (15 mm long by 2.5 mm wide).

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