Common Brushtail Possum

Common Brushtail Possum (Trichosurus vulpecula)

Trichosurus vulpecula


Body length 500 mm; tail length 380 mm; weight 4 kg. Cat-sized; light grey; large pointed ears; black tail bushy to tip; paws light grey.

Habitat and Range:

Dry and wet forests — usually anywhere the Short-eared Possum is not found. In the inner suburbs, almost anywhere with a tree or a ceiling.  Most common Brisbane marsupial. Australia-wide, but declining in Central Australia.


Similar to Short-eared Mountain Possum. Nocturnal.




Urine stains on the ceiling; heavy breathing (a throaty ha-ha-ha) in breeding season. Droppings like thin jellybeans with one pointy end (22 mm long by 7 mm wide).

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