Brush-tailed Rock Wallaby

Brush-tailed Rock Wallaby (Petrogale penicillata)

Petrogale penicillata


Body length 55 cm; tail length 60 cm; weight up to 8 kg. Dark grey-brown with reddish flush on rump; light cheek-stripe; dark mid-line head stripe; black ears; black or dark brown feet and paws; tail darkens to black bushy tip; thick-set wallaby.

Habitat and Range:

Rocky slopes, cliffs and gorges in dry sclerophyll forest. Colonises artificial habitats (Perserverence Dam near Crows Nest). Closest colony to Brisbane at White Rock Conservation Park, south of Redbank. Vulnerable throughout entire range from Nanango, Qld to east Gippsland, Vic.


Eats grasses and forbs but also leaves in the drier months. Seeds, fruit and flowers eaten when available. Home range size varies from 2-30 hectares, with males occupying  larger home ranges than females. Severely threatened throughout most of its contracted range.




Droppings long and oval with one slightly pointed end (30 mm long by 12 mm wide).

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