Red Fox

Vulpes vulpes

Vulpes vulpes


Body length 70 cm; tail length 40 cm; weight 5-8 kg. Orange-brown above, off-white below; bushy white-tipped tail.

Habitat and Range:

All bushland and remnants, paddocks, vegetation along watercourses, mangroves, golf courses and acreage allotments. Common. Mainland Australia south of the tropics.Almost worldwide.


Nocturnal; usually solitary. Often guilty of killing binges on domestic animals, particularly poultry. Eats whatever is abundantly available.


Fox holes (of surprisingly small diameter, around 15 cm) in sand, gravel, dirt embankments; pungent ‘tom-cat’ odour around droppings or dens. Droppings often full of fur or feathers.

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