Red Deer

Cervus elaphus

Cervus elaphus


Body length 200 cm; tail length 14 cm; weight up to 140 kg. Reddish-brown in summer, light grey-brown in winter. Light rump patch. Stags usually with 6-8 tines on antlers, sometimes 10-12.

Habitat and Range:

Has spread through the upper reaches of the Brisbane River Valley into State Forest and farmland in the headwaters of the Mary and Burnett Rivers. Occurs in sclerophyll forests and woodland  venturing into open paddocks with adjacent cover. Patchily distributed in NSW, Vic and SA. Native to Eurasia, with introductions throughout the world.


Might be confused with Fallow Deer, Dama dama  (reddish-brown with white spots) now known from Pinjarra Hills, Anstead, Pullenvale and Bellbowrie (all illegal releases). Red Deer are identified on the World Conservation Union (IUCN) Invasive Species Specialist Group’s list of the one hundred worst invasive species.


Droppings cylindrical, flattened or indented at one end, pointed at the other. Antlers shed October-November every year.

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