Longhorned Beetles (Family Cerambycidae)

Longhorned beetles (also known as longicorns or long-horn beetles) usually have very long antennae, often longer than the beetle's body. Some longhorned beetles are pests, as their larvae bore into the wood of living trees, untreated timber, buildings and furniture.

Longhorned beetles belong to the very large family Cerambycidae which has more than 20 000 species across the world. There are over 1200 Australian species.

Common Eucalypt Longicorn
Phoracantha semipunctata

Common Eucalypt Longicorn, Phoracantha semipunctata Common Eucalypt Longicorn, Phoracantha semipunctata. Poinciana Longicorn, Agrianome spinicollis Poinciana Longicorn, Agrianome spinicollis


This native beetle occurs in open forests and woodlands throughout Australia. It has been accidentally introduced to many overseas countries where it is a serious pest of eucalypt plantations. The white, legless larvae of this beetle bore under the bark of recently dead or sick eucalypts for several months. Mature larvae bore into sapwood and hardwood to pupate. Adults are often found indoors after they have emerged from house timber or furniture. However, the larvae cannot reinfest sawn timber.


Length 15–30 mm. This species has a dark-brown, elongated body with a pale band and spots at tips of wing-covers. The antennae are much longer than the body.

Poinciana Longicorn
Agrianome spinicollis


This species is found in rainforest and open forest in eastern Australia. It is common in Queensland and New South Wales and also occurs on Lord Howe Island. The larvae are huge white grubs found in rotten wood, especially dead Poinciana or fig trees. It is an important pest of pecan trees. The large adults sometimes blunder into house lights.


Length 60 mm. This is a very large, broad longhorned beetle with khaki wing-covers and a reddish-brown thorax edged with a row of pointed 'teeth'. The antennae are a little longer than the body.

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