Thomas Macleod Queensland Aviation Collection

Major Thomas MacleodThe Thomas Macleod Queensland Aviation Collection is a collected archive of material relating to Queensland aviation history focussing on the pioneering days of the early 20th century.

The collection includes photographs, documents, and other paper-based material.

The collection is of historic significance because it provides material evidence of the lives and achievements of over 400 early aviators, including high profile Queensland identities in Queensland and World Aviation History: Kingsford Smith's Pacific Crossing, Bert Hinkler's England — Australia flight. Collection highlights include material associated such people as Bert Hinkler, Sir Charles Kingsford Smith, Stan Dallas, Thomas Macleod, Sidney Cotton and ValRendle


The aviation collection was named in 1973 by the Board of Trustees of the Queensland Museum after Thomas Macleod, pioneer of heavier-than-air flight in Queensland. It is the official State repository for documents and photographs relating to Queensland aviation history.

The collection was driven by Ted Wixted; Queensland Museum Librarian (1961-96). He sourced and selected for retention or for loan and copying to create an information resource for the Museum and to preserve the memory of these pioneers. The collection contains a diversity of material. Items more suited to the Museum's History and Technology Collection (such as trophies, objects, clothing and equipment) were progressively transferred there. A record of transfer is retained.


Access to the collection is available to researchers by appointment. Please contact us to book a time.

Early photo of Queensland avaition enthusiasts with C.L. Campbell