Timber Wagon


This heavy timber wagon measures 2.1m x 5m. It features front and rear bolsters and axle beds connected by a long perch. The vehicle can be adjusted to suit the length of timber being carried. There are chains connecting the front and back axle, which must be adjusted with the screw, whenever the wagon is lengthened or shortened. At the same time a king bolt is adjusted in the perch. On the rear near side is a screw brake operated by the driver.


There are traces of red paint.


This timber wagon is similar to the drawing submitted by Mr J. Corney of Gatton to The Australasian Coachbuilder and Wheelwright (vol. 14) in 1903, as an example of the vehicles then being used in the Lockyer Valley. This vehicle was donated by the Bonell family of Withcott, who operated a sawmill near the foothills of the Toowoomba range. (Bolton Collection)



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