Abbot Buggy


A small four-wheeled vehicle with side springs, and vinyl angled sides, it has sarven hubs, a spindle back seat and two steps on each side designating a lady driver. There is a pole arrangement for two horses, which can be easily interchanged with a pair of shafts for one horse. These arrangements are snapped on to fittings on the front axle.


Black body and dark green undercarriage with light green lining.


A popular buggy style with a slight upward sweep of the floor, which is evidence of its development from small wagons in the early 1800s. Abbot buggies originated in the USA in the early 1800s and were first produced by Abbot, Downing & Co. of Concord Massachusetts.

This example was owned by Mrs Kent of Jondaryan, a large pastoral property near Toowoomba on the Darling Downs. (Bolton Collection)



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