Army General Service Wagon


A medium-sized van 2.9 m long with tyres measuring 50 mm. The van has a sprung driver’s seat, a storage box under the seat, and a removable tail-gate. The wagon has  military style metal hub wheels, and metal swingle bars.


Khaki green paint.


The GS wagon conformed to the 1905 British military patent. This wagon was built in 1916 at the Metropolitan Wagon Works in Birmingham, England. Thousands of similar wagons were also built in Australia for use in the First World War. After the War the wagon was brought to Australia, and continued in use with the Army until the Second World War. It was purchased in 1947 by Ray Gordon at Singleton Army Base, and used on the family farm in the Hunter Valley. The wagon was purchased in 2013 at Muswellbrook by Queensland Museum. Work carried out at Cobb+Co Museum workshop in 2014 included replacing some rotten timber boards and building a tailgate.



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