Ralli Cart


This two-wheeled vehicle has a wicker body with back-to-back seating for four passengers and a hinged tail-gate which acts as a footrest. It has longitudinal elliptical springs and a pair of shafts which rest inside the body of the cart. This reduces the centre of gravity of the vehicle.


Black body and undercarriage with bright green lining.


Although a very popular vehicle in Britain it was not so common in Australia. The ralli cart evolved from the dog cart but with a lower body allowing easier access. In Britain ralli carts were popular with ladies at the close of the horse era.

The owner of this ralli cart was Mrs Duncan McIntyre of Llewellyn Street, Toowoomba whose father-in-law was Mayor of Toowoomba in the 1870s. It was restored for the Toowoomba Centenary Parade in 1960 by Col Ferguson. (Bolton Collection)



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