This horse bus, licensed to carry 25 passengers, operated in Brisbane. Twelve passengers sat inside the bus, 12 on the open roof seats and one beside the driver. An iron ladder beside the back door was used to reach the roof. A cut-out behind the driver was for payment of fares. This vehicle measures 3.8m in length and stands 3m high. It would be pulled by two horses.


Body top is green with beige and black lining; separated from the yellow bottom by a red band and black lining. The undercarriage is pale yellow with red lining.


The omnibus was a French invention, imported into England in the late 1820s. This bus was built in 1887 in Sydney. It was brought to Brisbane in 1892 by Mrs Leah Morton’s Bus Company for the Rosalie-City route. It ran on other Brisbane routes from1912 until replaced by a motorised bus in 1924.



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