Cobb & Co. Coach No 100

Cobb & Co Coach No 100


This eight-passenger coach is mounted on thoroughbraces on both sides. A thoroughbrace consisted of leather strips (up to 13) sewn together. The body of the coach was mounted on a cradle which was then suspended on the two thoroughbraces. This resulted in the swaying motion when the coach was underway. A folding hood to protect the driver and box seat passengers is attached. Five horses would usually be hitched to this smaller coach.


Body is Indian red/brown with yellow lettering and red lining; undercarriage is cream with black lining.


The coach was built in Charleville. After its time as a Cobb & Co coach the vehicle was cut down with the seating part removed to use as a drover’s wagon. The Billie and Reg Hart’s all- Aboriginal droving team used the vehicle between the Northern Territory and Northern New South Wales. It was rebuilt in Toowoomba in the early 1950s. In 1963 it travelled from Port Douglas to Melbourne on the longest coach journey in the world. (Bolton Collection)



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