Spring Cart


A standard two-wheeled cart 4m by 2m mounted on semi-elliptical springs. It has no seat but does have a step. The front and back panels are lower than the side panels. The wider shafts were to accommodate a draught horse which was used in this cart.


Deep royal blue body with red undercarriage.


This vehicle was typical of many spring/dairymen’s carts on Darling Downs dairy farms 1890-1950. They were used to carry cream cans to the local butter factory and for general farm work. The driver sat on the load of cream cans or wheat sacks.

The Tews family near Pittsworth used the cart to carry cream to the Springside cheese factory, and for general farm work on their property at Wyangapinni. It was donated by the family in 1989, and has been restored by the Cobb & Co. Museum.



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