Bullock Dray


This heavy, two-wheeled dray is 3m long, and has a 2.7m long pole for hitching up a team of 8 to 12 bullocks. It has been extensively repaired with cypress slabs and the side from a spring cart making up the floor. There is no brake. When descending a steep hill, a large log would be dragged along behind the dray.


The present blue colour on the body and red on the undercarriage is a fairly recent addition.


The bullock dray was the primary form of transport during Queensland’s pioneering days from the 1840s to 1870s. The dray was built in Maitland NSW about 1860 for Mr Wyndham of Winton Station, Goondiwindi, and was later acquired by Mr Donald Gunn of Pikedale who renovated the dray for the Warwick Centenary Celebrations in 1940. It was later donated to the Royal Queensland Historical Society.



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