This fine four-wheeled passenger carriage has a separate driver’s seat and folding hood over the rear seat. There are sarven hubs, rubber tyres on the front wheels but steel tyres on the back. The mudguards and step are combined. Elliptical springs, front and rear, assured a level of comfort for the passenger.


Navy blue body and undercarriage with light blue lining.


The French developed the Victoria-style carriage from the small phaetons with the addition of the box seat for the driver. On some vehicles the box seat could be removed and in Europe the Victoria was at times referred to as a milord. The Prince of Wales, later Edward VII, popularised the Victoria in Britain. The undercarriage of this Victoria was built by Duncan Ferguson, Toowoomba, in the 1880s while the body was built at Col Ferguson’s workshop in 1966. (Bolton Collection)



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