National Carriage Collection

Experience Australia's finest collection of horse-drawn vehicles at Cobb+Co Museum

Discover how horse-drawn vehicles shaped our social history and impacted on Australia’s development.

The National Carriage Collection features 47 vehicles of different types, each of which played a significant role in the development of Queensland:

Cobb & Co. coaches  were passenger vehicles for people travelling long distances between towns

Four wheeled buggies were light and stylish, and were used to transport people. 

Four wheeled wagons pulled heavy loads across the Darling Downs. 

Two wheeled carts and drays were used to carry wool bales, milk cream and other produce. 

Sulkies and gigs were light and fast and a popular form of travel for people. 

Omnibuses were the public passenger vehicles for towns and suburbs. 

Carriages were fancy vehicles used by wealthy people who could afford drivers and grooms.

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