Da Vinci Machines Souvenir Activity Book Answers

Answers to Da Vinci Machines Souvenir Activity Book

Page 7 Funny Machines for George the Sheep

  1. Fan-wings (to dry George’s back); Tank (to keep George dry)
  2. Umbrella (parachute)
  3. Wings – flying machine

Pages 8 & 9 Flight Challenge

  1. Flying Machine
  2. Glider
  3. Air Screw
  4. Wings
  5. Hang Glider
  6. Parachute

Leonardo da Vinci studied the FLIGHT of birds to inspire the designs of his flying machines.

Principles of Mechanics

Simple Machines Challenge (Page 12)








Drumming Robot




Fly Wheel

Not in exhibition



Cam Hammer




Spring powered car




Cart(Robot drive system)




Vertical drill




Pulleys – Inquiry Centre




Pulleys – Vehicle Gallery




Leonardo’s Inventions Page 13

Leonardo’s Inventions

Cobb+Co Museum Collection Objects


Bicycle in Energy for Life Discovery Centre

Cart (Robot drive system)

Any of the drays or wagons

Spring powered car

IHC Auto Buggy in Vehicle Gallery

Vertical drill

Drills in Factory

Test your Leonardo genius page 15

  1. 20
  2.  5
  3. An ermine or weasel/ferret
  4. Boats (5); tank ; cart ; spring powered car ; Bicycle ; Air screw; water skis; hang glider; parachute
  5. The pilot lies stretched out on the platform with his feet in the stirrups – one foot raises the wing, the other lowers it.
  6. 13
  7. The wings of a bird
  8. Drum
  9. 2
  10. Water skis
  11. It uses interlocking logs and ropes to tie it together. It supported the weight of several soldiers and can be built rapidly with materials that are easy to find in nature.
  12. Water

Leonardo’s notebooks page 19

Leonardo da Vinci was a genius.

Da Vinci Codes

Page 20 – Leonardo da Vinci was an inventor and scientist.

Page 21 – Leonardo was a famous artist.

Rebus – I love to trick people with puzzles.

Page 22 – Number cipher

Da Vinci Machines are cool.