A Room for Wild Animals

See 20 taxidermy specimens from the Queensland Museum collection.

In a first for Toowoomba, A Room for Wild Animals showcases 20 taxidermy specimens from the Queensland Museum collection including big cats, bears and deer.

The specimens featured represent some of the most impressive mammals on the planet providing a rare opportunity to experience them up close. These large and (in some cases) controversial mammals are not just valuable collection items. The exhibits featured in this display are part of a larger collection some of which were seized as Proceeds of Crime and donated to Queensland Museum on behalf of the Commonwealth of Australia.

Today they speak on behalf of their living relatives across the globe and help us to learn an important conservation lesson. 

For the Kids

Play ‘Safari Spotto’ and collect your Wild Animal cards. Each card profiles a special animal from the exhibition. There are 10 to collect throughout the year! One card per child, per visit.

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Event Details

18 March 2016 - 04 December 2016