Kaleidoscope of Celebrations

Come and try on a traditional Indian sari or challenge your family to a chopsticks competition in Cobb+Co Museum’s Kaleidoscope of Celebrations exhibition.

This lively and colourful exhibition has been co-created with the local Toowoomba community showcases the diversity of three of Toowoomba’s many cultures.

Come and experience

  • India’s Diwali or Festival of Lights;
  • Korea’s Ch’usok or Harvest Festival; and
  • Finland’s celebrations of Juhannus the Midsummer Festival and Joulu or Christmas

The exhibition explores aspects of celebrating that are shared across the globe and in particular the coming together of communities for feasting and happiness. 

Toowoomba is home to more than 120 different ethnic backgrounds with more than 117 languages spoken and 80 different religions.

Kaleidoscope of Celebrations is Cobb+Co Museum’s contribution to the annual Harmony Day celebration and will be on show until 1 September 2013 in the Windmill Gallery.

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Event Details

25 March 2013 - 01 September 2013
Free with admission