Faith Family Food: From Lebanon to Toowoomba

Stories of faith, family and food will be the focus of this year’s Harmony Day exhibition at Cobb+Co Museum.

Faith, Family, Food: From Lebanon to Toowoomba was co-created with the local Lebanese community and celebrates the stories and contribution they have made to the mosaic of Toowoomba life.

Lebanese people began immigrating to Australia in the 19th Century and had to become self-employed or work for relatives to support their families.

Through their hard work, tenacity, resilience and endurance they established businesses and carved out a niche of service and retail which continues today

However, it is their faith, family and tradition that ties the Lebanese community together including the preparation and enjoyment of delicious, traditional food.

Cobb+Co Museum celebrates Harmony Day each year with a new exhibition which provides an avenue for people of different cultures to tell their story and for the wider community to learn more about the people from around the world, who have made Toowoomba their home

Faith, Family, Food: From Lebanon to Toowoomba will be on display until 19 August 2012.

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Event Details

25 March 2012 - 19 August 2012