Queensland in a New Century - the Photos of A E Roberts (jnr)

1 May 2011 - September 2011

A E (Bert) Roberts was an Ipswich coachbuilder by trade, but a true renaissance man at heart.  Bert's interests included geology, music, Aboriginal culture, nature and the modern technology of the early 1900s.  His broad interests and love of life are reflected in these photographs.  Queensland Museum holds more than 1000 of Bert Robert's glass plate negatives and prints from the era.

Cobb+Co Museum's latest exhibition - Queensland in a New Century - displays a number of these stunning images.  Bert had an eye for spotting the life and joy of Australia in a new century.  He photographed many sober subjects; the vehicles made in the family coachworks, the new railway workshops in Ipswich, and labourers at work.  Yet a feeling of celebration pervades his images of people at play, having a picnic, or taking part in a parade.  He shows a happy, carefree southern Queensland in the Edwardian era.  The photographs in this exhibition portray life from the beginning of the Twentieth Century to World War I.

Other items on display from the Roberts family include aboriginal artefacts, blacksmithing tools, a horse-drawn buggy, and the Museum's famous flying flea, built by Bert's sons Norm and George.


Event Details

01 May 2011 - 30 September 2011
Cobb+Co Museum
Free with Admission

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