Revisions of Australian ground-hunting spiders: II. Zoropsidae (Lycosidae: Araneae)


Revisions of Australian ground-hunting spiders: II. Zoropsidae (Lycosidae: Araneae) (3967 KB) pdf document icon


Raven, R.J. & Stumkat, K.S.


Raven, R.J. & Stumkat, K.S. 2005 01 10: Revisions of Australian ground-hunting spiders: II. Zoropsidae (Lycosidae: Araneae). Memoirs of the Queensland Museum 50(2): 347-423. Brisbane. ISSN 0079-8835.

Date published

10 January 2005

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Araneomorphae, Lycosoidea, Zoropsidae, taxonomy, Australia


Four new genera (Megateg, Krukt, Birrana, Kilyana) and 24 new species (Megateg bartholomai, Megateg covacevichae, Megateg elegans, Megateg gigasep, Megateg lesbiae, Megateg paulstumkati, Megateg ramboldi, Megateg spurgeon, Krukt cannoni, Krukt ebbenielseni, Krukt megma, Krukt piligyna, Krukt vicoopsae, Birrana bulburin, Kilyana bicarinatus, Kilyana campbelli, Kilyana corbeni, Kilyana dougcooki, Kilyana eungella, Kilyana hendersoni, Kilyana ingrami, Kilyana kroombit, Kilyana lorne, Kilyana obrieni) are described from eastern Australia. Along with the Western Australian genus Huntia Gray & Thompson, 2001 and the New Zealand Uliodon Koch, 1873, these new genera are placed in the expanded concept of the Zoropsidae, here first formally recorded from Australia. The male Zoropsidae are defined by the combination of dorsal scopula pad on the cymbium, pedal tibiae cracked and strong paired spines on tibiae and metatarsi I and II. The Zoropsidae also include the Griswoldiinae which are transferred from the Miturgidae and Zorocratidae. The genera here transferred to the Zoropsidae are found in North America, Africa, Madagascar, Sri Lanka and now Australia and New Zealand; hence, the family is worldwide. The Zoridae have been found to have a grate-shaped tapetum and are hence transferred to the Lycosoidea.