Memoirs of the Queensland Museum - Culture 12

'Wild Australia': performers, productions and politics

Series Editor: Geraldine Mate, PhD

Issue Editor: Paul Memmott, PhD, AO

Published 2021

Memoirs of the Queensland Museum – Culture volume 12 is available in hardcopy from the Museum Shop. Wild Australia: performers, productions and politics was written as part of the ARC Linkage Project ‘How Meston’s “Wild Australia Show” shaped Australian Aboriginal History. The volume contains 5 peer reviewed papers that delve further than before and apply new methodologies and perspectives into this theme.

Table of Contents – Published June 2021 (Print)


Chapter title

Thompson, J.

Forward and acknowledgements

Nugent, M.


Aird, M. & Memmott, P.

Naming the Wild Australia Show Performers: a photographic analysis

Memmott, P., Richards, J. & Kane, J.

A Man of the 'Wild' Queensland Frontier: King Gida of the Kaurareg

Price, S., Allen, L. & Knowles, C.

"The (Not-So) Sacred Ibis' - Archibald Meston, the Colonial Collector and the Queensland Museum

Memmott, P. & Richards, J.

Where is the Aboriginal Act? Archibalkd Meston and the emergence of Aboriginal policy in Queensland