Australia’s ancient past unearthed at Cobb+Co Museum talk

30 October 2015

With the oldest continuous culture on Earth, Australia is home to many rich archaeological sites, some dating back over 50 thousand years.

So what can the curious stone objects that have been resting in our soil tell us about the way Indigenous Australian’s went about their everyday lives all this time ago?

Newly qualified Archaeologist and Cobb+Co Museum Visitor Services Officer, Alyssa Madden will be sharing her personal digging experiences and revealing the role of stone tools in ancient Australia at this month’s Curator Conversation ‘Arnhem Land Archaeology’ at Cobb+Co Museum on Wednesday 4 November from 2pm.

“I think that there is a general lack of understanding when it comes to Australian archaeology, particularly indigenous archaeology.

“Archaeology in Australia is not just about the last 200 years but about the last 50 thousand years,” Ms Madden said.

Through her research in Arnhem Land stone tools from the Madjebebe area featuring Australia’s oldest rock art, Ms Madden has gained significant insights into the lives of the indigenous people living over 28.5 thousand years ago.

“My research is important as it looks at the area around the earliest occupation of Australia which is the oldest continuous population in the world.

“We have already learned and continue to learn so much about ancient Australia and how the people of the land used simple tools to survive.

Ms Madden also recognises the importance of respecting the traditional land owners when digging and carrying out her research.

“With every project undertaken with University of Southern Queensland (USQ), we ensure that there is a positive outcome for the community.

“USQ Archaeology works closely with the Jawoyn people to ensure that their culture is properly considered.”

“Unearthing an artefact, being the first person to see an object in thousands of years, is a privilege.”

Curator Conversation: Arnhem Land Archaeology with Alyssa Madden is on Wednesday 4 November at 2pm.

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