An exhibition of surprises

31 January 2012

Child’s clothing carved out of wood, a silver eagle created from knives and an exploding soccer ball are just some of the surprises on display at Cobb+Co Museum’s Artisans’ Challenge exhibition.

The exhibition, which will be on display from 4 to 26 February, features 16 exquisite pieces made by world-class artisans.

The challenge issued to artisans was to create contemporary and inspiring artworks using traditional skills and materials such as metal, wood, textiles, leather, stone and glass.

Many people are not aware of the calibre of the truly world class artisans who are living and working in our local region. The annual Artisans’ Challenge exhibition gives visitors the opportunity to see first hand the work they are producing. 

Other creations on display include:
• Valet Chair - a rustic piece in wood;
• Elegance in Leather - a decadent array of fine leather flowers;
• Yowah - a yowah opal pendant with foxtail chain set in silver;
• The Wildermuth - a hand made hand stitched saddle;
• Desert Splendour - a wood sculpture created from jacaranda using carving in the round; and
• Motion - a series of three painted silk panels depicting the movement of a wheel
• Saddle – a realistic saddle carved from local sandstone

All pieces in the Artisans’ Challenge exhibition are available for purchase.

The Artisans’ Challenge exhibition is one of the highlights of Cobb+Co Museum’s annual Have A Go Festival which is held every Sunday during February.

The festival features a range of free hands on activities for the family, as well as demonstrations of skills and crafts.

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