Cobb & Co. lives on

Photographic portrait of a man Bill Bolton

Cobb & Co’s last secretary, Gordon Studdart kept the Company's name alive. He continued to run the Cobb & Co. store in Surat until the 1950s.

He gave the Cobb & Co. name to Toowoomba businessman Mr W.R.F (Bill) Bolton. Bill Bolton ran a bus and trucking company called Cobb & Co. Transport until his death in 1973. He also collected old Cobb & Co. coaches and other horse drawn vehicles for his private museum which opened in 1965.

Ferguson's coachworks in Russell Street Toowoomba restored many of the coaches, carriages and wagons in the Museum.

Bill Bolton also collected a vast array of archival material. This included interviews of old Cobb & Co. employees.

A fire ravaged the museum in 1981. The collection was then donated to the Queensland Museum by Banks Pty. Ltd. in June 1982.

The Cobb+Co Museum opened in its current position in 1987.